moomin on the move.

So I have been running again for the season. For serious this time. I say again because I took the winter off for obvious reasons (the winter). I'd also been traveling a lot for work so it was difficult to find time to do basic household tasks, let alone run.

I want to do several races in the fall and I have almost exactly 13 weeks until this year's first 13.1. This means adding one mile to my long run each week, despite the hot and humid weather. Yesterday I ran 4.0 in the evening because of the excessive heat warning. I started with low expectations and was pleased that I ran a slow and steady 11:00 pace.

Today? I should have set my expectations lower. Calves were sore. Sides were stitching. I took two walk breaks. And to top it off I got a parking ticket. You're welcome for fixing that next pot hole, Minneapolis park district.


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