I started running again these past few weeks. While the weather has not been entirely cooperative (and neither have my muscles) it's always nice to be outside and moving and listening and watching. Especially the watching part considering last year's run in with the sidewalk. Spoiler: the sidewalk won.

Last Monday I ran one mile. On Saturday I ran one mile and then another mile later on. It was during this second mile that I started regretting the whole going for a run decision. I could not fathom how, six months prior, I ran 13 consecutive miles without stopping. It was absolutely impossible in light of the current pain in my legs and difficulty breathing.

Now, were this an inspirational sort of blog, I would say something about how the first step is the hardest and how all you have to do is start. In terms of running, that is an absolute lie.  Even when I could run 13 consecutive miles I still thought I was making a terrible decision.  The best part of running is always the last step.

It's that last step that means you can take your shoes off and relax. And then think about how impossible it is that you could even run one mile.


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