a modern mutt.

Neither B nor I had been around a puppy in a long time, and we were somewhat overwhelmed with all the options for puppy gear...and somewhat underwhelmed with the appearance of said puppy gear. It seems like dog stuff falls into the same trap kid stuff does--lots of brightly colored plastic and  cartoon shapes. 

Because we have a small space with no dedicated, out of the way area for Luna, we want to start choosing things that won't make our home look like it's been overtaken by a four legged troublemaker, even if it has. 

1. Paige Denim Rose Bone Dog Toy - Mungo & Maud
2. Buffalo Pillow Bed - Waggo
3. Penguin Dog Toy - Harry Barker
4. Enamel Pet Bowl - Olive Green Dog
5. Moon Cycle Dog Collar (perfect for a pup named Luna!) - Grew Paw Design
6. Chalkboard Dog Treat Jar - Waggo

Luna is currently crated overnight and while we're out of the house, but eventually we hope she can have free reign of the condo. Once that happens, I want to replace her eyesore of a crate with something like this:

Who says dogs can't have an eye for design, too?


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