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Since moving to the little apartment, I've been thinking a lot about stuff-- mainly that we have too much of it. Somehow in the past five years since graduating from college (and probably even before) I've accumulated enough stuff to fill both an apartment and a room in my parent's house.

I'll be the first to admit that I am somewhat of a sentimentalist about my stuff. I've kept shoes that I purchased in Greece that have long since developed holes in the heels. I've kept shirts that I wore on first dates with my fiance even though they no longer fit. I've kept sweatshirts from high school and t-shirts from college. All of these sit in my closet taking up space.

I've been trying to pare down my belongings to items that I want to wear (instead of items I might wear) and items that fit me and the rest of my wardrobe. I am never going to wear that hot pink t-shirt I bought, or that peasant blouse. No matter how many times I wear those slightly too small flats, they will still give me blisters. I'm ok with these things.

I've owned these shoes for at least seven years and have never worn them.

So, for the time being,  I've decided to continue ridding myself of things that are taking up precious space.  If something doesn't make me happy, or make me feel good, I don't want it in my apartment. This goes for decor as well as clothes, but I feel like my closet is an excellent place to start.

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.
William Morris


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