Twinkle Toes.

I have been on a mission to find shoes for my wedding (mid-heel, peep toe, preferably with a bow).

So far it's been unsuccessful.

I have, however, come across a lot of shoes that, while not appropriate for my wedding, are gorgeous.

Source: via Anne on Pinterest


Source: via Anne on Pinterest

If I weren't at risk of sinking into the grass while walking down the aisle these would be on my feet.

But realistically, these are some that I'm considering for the wedding.
Of course they are from J. Crew.  I can't help it.

I'm really fond of the bow pumps, but they are quite tall (3 3/4 inches) and I don't want to look like a giant on my wedding day. Or fall on my face. The wedges are kind of meh, but I could dress them up with some sort of shoe clip.

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

The search continues, so if you see anything you think I might fancy- please send it my way!


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