The Table.

This table is one of my favorite things and has been for a long time. (I had excellent taste in mid-century furniture as a child.) It used to reside in my grandma's kitchen, where it sported lime green vinyl cushions. I must have had an affinity for acidic colored plastic materials, because that's where I first fell in love. After many years in storage and several moves my table has found itself in B and I's new apartment. Minus the vinyl. Plus witty tulip patterned fabric.

As fellow round table owners can attest, it's very difficult to find circular placemats that don't look like crap and aren't made of straw and/or lace. I've convinced myself that the reason B and I don't eat at the table is because we don't have placemats. Obviously the reason is not because we are lazy and like to watch MSNBC while we eat. 

I came across these placemats today while doing some early Christmas shopping and thought they had just the vibe I was looking for. While not exactly a circle, it definitely speaks to the era in which my table was born. Yes, I'm anthropomorphizing my table. The kicker? They're vinyl.


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