in which i'm tired of all my clothes.

Every few months I get into the sort of funk where I hate everything in my closet. Despite the fact that I have at least ten pairs of jeans, I will deem all of them unwearable and unflattering. It's during these moods that I think I should make a change. That instead of the jeans and a t-shirt girl that I am, I should become the dress and tights girl.

You've seen them.

They pop up around this time of year wearing opaque black tights with a simple dress and leather boots.  In my head they also drink a lot of espresso, have effortlessly perfect hair and go to a lot of art shows.

Since I already drink a lot of espresso, I figure this should be an easy transition. At least the fashion part, since my hair is usually a lost cause. But it won't require an even earlier morning alarm and when the temperature starts dipping I can just add additional layers. 

As an aside, I love those eye glasses.


  1. Tell me about it! I spend my life in jeans and a dirty t-shirt, with messy hair which is usually covered in cat drool or bits of banana that primates have thrown at me.

    I dream of looking cool *sigh*.


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