On Couches and Wayward Bicycles.

Dear Readers,

Someone was directed to my blog today after searching for "Josh Hutcherson's Couch" on google. Perhaps I should start doing a series on the couches of the rich and famous? Or what sort of couch a famous person would be if they were a couch and not a famous person? 

In other news, B and I were involved in a hit and run accident.

Before you get all worried, we were hit by a bicycle while stopped at a stop light. It ran smack dab into us and the rider, after a moment of dazedness, pedaled off down the road. So now we are left with a broken taillight and have to explain to the auto repair shop that it was caused by a wayward bicyclist. 

I am blaming it all on the hipsters.


  1. Hahahah, HOW does someone just run into a STOPPED CAR? Especially on a bicycle? Even though the broken taillight is annoying, you do have a good story on your hands, I think.


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