A Long Strange Winter

This winter has been very unusual. Especially compared to last year. At this point a year ago there was snow piled up to my knees and I had to move my car from one street to another to avoid the snow plows. This year there is no snow, no moving my car, no scraping my car, no winter boots, and it seems, no winter. Spring has come to Minnesota very early this year as evidenced by the number of people I saw today wearing shorts and flip flops. And also by the man riding around with his cat on his shoulders.

Yes. That happened.

So since spring has come early, I've been thinking about how else to spruce up the apartment. The rug project has been tackled (pictures to come once I get around to cleaning) and now it is on to pillows.

Any suggestions for stores (aside from etsy) that have relatively cheap and cute throw pillows? Let me know in the comments!


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