And Suddenly, It's Spring

Something happened this week. Spring officially arrived and, in typical Minnesota fashion, the world seemed to go from black and white to technicolor overnight.  Of course, along with this new colorful world came horrible allergies, but I have been trying to put on my happy face and deal with the spores.

Today I was so pleased with the weather  that I went for a run. 


You read that right, I went for a run. And since I was so pleased with the weather and the fact that I went for a run, I made B take me out for milkshakes.  There are no pictures of either of these events because I look like a cherry tomato while running and my milkshake was gone in under 10 minutes. My apologies.

Since I am now recuperating from said run and said milkshake, I am spending my Friday night scouring craigslist for apartment decor. Specifically, a card catalog. I am bound and determined to procure one. Even if that requires breaking into some old schoolhouse.


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