Before I got engaged, I spent a lot of time thinking about my wedding. I blame this partly on pinterest, and partly on the fact that I was under the following impression: that in order to have a beautiful, perfect, romantic wedding, you had to have the things. All the wedding things.

Monogrammed matchbooks

Tiny jars of honey

Vintage handkerchiefs

Shoe soles bedazzled with the words "I do"

That if you didn't get married on a perfectly maintained farm, or have a matching set of bridesmaids, or give out handcrafted favors, your wedding was somehow unworthy.

But then I got engaged and started thinking about my wedding. My real wedding. And what I really wanted it to be.  I realized that I didn't care about the things that look so good in pictures. Those pictures won't end up framed on the wall and your friends and family aren't going remember how well the colors on the cake matched your shoes.

And after I got engaged and started thinking about my wedding I realized that what I wanted in a wedding wasn't necessarily found in all of those wedding magazines and wedding blogs. I didn't want a wedding that was simply pretty to look at. Cheesy as it sounds, I wanted it to be something more.

I stumbled upon a website and a book that seemed to take everything I was thinking and say it perfectly. That it's possible to have a wedding without all of the things. And it can still be beautiful.

So what do I want?

A beautiful, perfect, romantic day to celebrate my marriage.

A beautiful, perfect, romantic life.

And maybe a beautiful dress to match.

(courtesy of the wonderful Practical Ryan Gosling)


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