In Which I Ramble On.

I'm sitting on the couch watching Top Chef. This is a good thing because it's one of the classier reality shows I watch. Since the other reality show I watch on the regular is Dance Moms, the competition isn't too tough.

In any case, I'm watching Top Chef. And it makes me want to become a fancy chef who cooks things like roulades and pork belly.  I say this after I eat a dinner of velveeta shells and cheese and a turkey sandwich, but a girl can dream, right?

I found this on a friend of a friend's tumblr. It was too cute not to share. Don't stare at it too long though- it might cause you to seize.

I just noticed that Top Chef has partnered with Lean Cuisine. This is an obvious segue way to my future culinary career.


  1. Oh Dance Moms...why is it so addicting? And that dancing bear is great!

  2. haha, Dance Moms is a crazy,crazy show and that bear is pretty much adorable.

  3. I love food shows. Ha, the bachelor is my 'trashy tv' show that I watch. I think it's ok as long as we can also claim to watch some classy ones too. :)


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