The Flood.

Fridays are my short days at work.  For this, I consider myself very lucky.

I have Fridays to do laundry, take naps, go to yoga, and shop for groceries.

(Mostly to take naps.)

Today I went to yoga. It went much better than the last time I went (when it was too hot) and I was feeling oh so relaxed when there was a crash.

A boom.

And after our namaste we walked into the lobby to find flashing lights and fire alarms.

But no fire.

Instead, there was a murky dark water seeping in from an unknown location in the building.

It smelled.  And it was moving fast.

We tried to blockade the door with towels, but soon gave up.

The building management was called.

Everyone had to evacuate.

So much for relaxation.


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