A Garden Party

Even though most of the gardens in my neighborhood are long gone (hello, fall!) I thought that the prompt for the Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop this week (flowers) was perfect for the first week of November.

I know, I know- by November most of the leaves are gone and the wind has that familiar chill in the air. There are no flowers to be seen. But to me, November is all about home. The first fire in the fireplace and dinners around the table. It's about mashed potatoes and french silk pie. And the flower that most reminds me of home is the hydrangea.

My mom always has the most beautiful hydrangea bushes in the front yard. I love the way they change color as the summer progresses- from a bright, citron green to a pale pinkish white. 


I love how gorgeous they look with a simple vase and a rustic table. 

Source: google.com via anony on Pinterest


Source: flickr.com via Tiziana on Pinterest and Source: etsy.com via Maria on Pinterest

What is your favorite flower? Do you have a seasonal favorite?

Be sure to head over to Gussy and join the party!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


  1. these flowers are so beautiful and relaxing :)

  2. Beautiful! My favorite flower is the lilac. It means that warmer weather is here!

  3. oh.my.word beautiful! Doesn't it make you secretly wish it was spring again?

  4. Omy, I LOVE hydrangeas too! ;) They remind me of my honeymoon because a big bouquet of them was waiting for us in our room when we arrived. They're so beautiful! ;) Love it! Pooping over from Gussy! ;)

  5. Oh gosh - POPPING over from Gussy! haha!

  6. Pretty pics. Here from Gussy's.


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