A Very Moomin Halloween

My apologies for being MIA for the past few weeks. We are finally feeling more settled and now have things on the walls and rugs on the floors. Now we're just waiting for our new mattress. Which I am ridiculously excited for.  And that makes me feel old. What respectable 20-something gets excited about a mattress? 

While fall is my absolute favorite season, I have never been a huge Halloween person. This is probably because I spent the majority of my Halloweens dressed up like this:

Why would people waste time with a different costume every year? And yes, I am wearing an actual (used) dog collar and leash. My costumes went downhill from there. So downhill that I can't even remember what they were. I do, however, have an excellent recollection of which houses in the neighborhood had the best candy. That house with the orange door? They give away plastic combs and toothbrushes. 

Now, if I had unlimited funds and a rocking party to attend, my dream costumes would look something more like this:

but the question remains...

are you a Betty or a Joan?


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