The Princess and the Pea

B and I are getting a new mattress. Do not underestimate my enthusiasm dear readers.

While I am by no means a connoisseur, our current mattress situation is a little, well, sad.  It's old and saggy and sitting directly on the floor. No boxspring. No frame. Just a sad old mattress that I curse at every morning.

So I set out to find a new one. The perfect mattress.

Ugh. Mattress shopping.

You walk in to a store where you are surrounded by beds that all look identical. And then you think...Oh! That one is pretty! What nice colors in the stitching! And then you realize that the one with the pretty stitching is $4,000, your budget is $800, and unless you are sleeping on a bare mattress, you aren't going to see that pretty stitching.

I hate mattress shopping.

So I bought one at Sam's Club. And, in full disclosure, my mattress at the homestead was purchased at Menard's. Big box stores for the win.

I fully expect that, when the new mattress is delivered Thursday, it will feel exactly like this:

Source: via Anne on Pinterest


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