Lost in the Library.

There is something so magical about libraries.

Maybe it's that particular smell of old books.

Or the stillness.

The quiet.

The way that little card holds so much power.

Or the possibility that the next book you touch will be your new favorite.

That it will take you someplace...

real or imagined
near or far
old or new

And all you need is a card.

Source: flickr.com via Anne on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Anne on Pinterest

What's your favorite part about the library?

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  1. I love that...all you need is a card. No money, just a card. One of the last free things in this world it seems. Stopping by via Gussy :)

  2. I so love that reading room! And I so love libraries. How freakin' cool is that book mobile???

  3. Beautiful photos! And I big puffy pink heart the library smell!! :)

  4. I miss getting the books stamped. I know that it's much faster doing it all electronically, but it's much less romantic. I remember being 12 and having seven cardboard envelopes with my name on. They would take the envelopes from me, one for each book, and put the ticket for the book in each envelope. Then the date of return would be stamped in my book. Oh it was lovely.

  5. @Anne: I left a response to you on my blog because I didn't know if you'd prefer e-mail or comments or what!

  6. I love all the possibilities that a library has to offer, there are so many books and so many options.

  7. this post is beautiful :) there is definitely something magical about libraries! i am craving a trip to one right now :)


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