Gone Junking.

After much anticipation, I finally had the opportunity to attend Junk Bonanza, a three-day celebration of all things junk, vintage and antique.  I went both Thursday and Friday, and both days were fantastic. 

My mom and I went at around 10:00 on Thursday and by the time we arrived there was already a line to get tickets. All the early-birders were leaving with their awesome finds and I was itching to get in and start hunting. 

As soon as we walked in I was overwhelmed by people. And junk. So much junk- piled every which way and stacked up high. 

The first day I bought one of those wire baskets that seemed to be incredibly popular- I'll post a picture when it's settled in to it's new home. The second day I came home empty-handed...but there were lots of things that I wish I could have taken home. My friends Jen and Sarah, who came with me on Friday, found some really cool vintage cameras and antique trays. Sadly, I didn't find any card catalogs, but there is always next year.


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