The Family Room.

While I'd love to share pictures of our current family room, it's somewhat... disheveled (to put it lightly). There are boxes everywhere you look and it's not a pretty sight. Unless, of course, you enjoy incorporating cardboard into your decorating style.

Which I don't.

But here are some family rooms that I only wish I could have.

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

What's on your wish list for your fantasy family room?

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  1. These are all so fabulous! I especially love that ledge of frames in the second picture. I'd love to recreate that :)

  2. wow, these are amazing. they are right up my alley. clean, organic, modern.

    glad i found your blog.

  3. LOVELY!

    I want to nap on the couch in the second picture and the last one I just love completely!

    Stopping by from gussy!


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