Small and Beautiful.

B and I have been casually apartment hunting for the past several months. We are totally spoiled right now and not only have an underground heated parking spot but also an in-unit washer and dryer.

Now you all might not think that these are big things, but when you do laundry every three weeks and have enough to do an entire load of just socks...well hauling that down to the laundromat would not be pleasant. And as for the garage, well, talk to me after you dig your car out of a snow bank...or at least what you think was your car but is now a mini mountain with an antena.

Most of the places we have been looking at will be smaller. With no luxurious warmed car spots or conveniently located clothes washer machines. To soothe my woes I've been looking for inspiration at Apartment Therapy's Small Cool series.  It gives me hope that even though I will feel like a mouse in a shoebox I will still be able to have a pretty place.


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