Inspiration and Junk Bonanza

Summer has been flying by like crazy. I'm not sure how it is August already- because just last week I swear it was the beginning of June.

B and I have been keeping busy with weekend excursions, trips to the lake, walks around the neighborhood and dinners on the patio. Patio dinners are one of my favorite parts of summer. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in the fresh air, sipping on a cold beer and watching the world go by. Or rather, sitting in the fresh air only somewhat tainted by exhaust, sipping on a cold beer interrupted by the revving of engines and the honking of horns and watching the homeless people go by.

Bu, you know, relaxing if you tune those things out.

Today I came home from a harried day at work to this:

Modern Vintage Style  by Emily Chalmers. A gift from my parents to celebrate my first year of "working for the man." It's filled with gorgeous pictures and fits my taste perfectly. I love mixing vintage pieces with modern. Old mason jars and clean lines. Vintage prints with contemporary furniture.

My mom and I are going to Junk Bonanza in September, and I am creating a mental list of things to keep an eye out for. I'd love a Jenny Lind bedframe or some salvaged doors to use as one, a card catalog file cabinet, and an antique school clock.

What's on your vintage wishlist?


  1. Hi Anne,
    Thanks for the Junk Bonanza nod! We are busy getting ready for the 6th and we hope best Bonanza yet! Wanted to let your readers know we have been running daily vendor profiles on the Bonanza blog,, if they want to see what's in store! We'd love to have them become followers too, if they are so inclined! I'll look forward to meeting you at the Bonanza!
    All best, Kim

  2. Junk Bonanza looks awesome! Wish they had something like that in VA. And I'll be adding that book to my wishlist. :)


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