What I Love Wednesday

I love words. Words words words. Though I guess to be specific what I love is typography.

A few Wednesdays ago I shared my love of painted stairs. And maybe you noticed that several of them included letters and numbers of all different shapes and sizes? Or maybe you didn't notice because you were distracted by the colors. Either way.

But this Wednesday I love words as art. On your wall. Inspiring you. Motivating you. And making you smile.

Source: etsy.com via Anne on Pinterest

Source: tumblr.com via Anne on Pinterest

Oh, and have you seen this? She's a current contestant on The Voice and I find her absolutely wonderful.  

What are you loving this Wednesday? Head over to lollipops to share this week's crushes. 


  1. Yes, these are great finds! I so enjoy prints of lovely quotes or inspiring sayings. I'd love to fill my home with them!

  2. Very cool! Never thought of things like that. I really like the huge one in the br. I LOVE Dia Frampton! She is so talented! Love me some Voice :0)


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