The Weekend in Pictures.

My mom sent me home with beautiful peonies from her garden. Also- I have to recommend the Mrs. Meyers peeking out in the corner of the picture. It cleans (and smells) amazing. 

B and I went to a Twin's game at the beautiful Target Field. Our seats were fantastic and the Twinkies actually won! 

I went on a bender and bought a multitude of bow-adorned things. But hey, a girl can never have enough bows right? 

A bow for the hair. Can you spot the Moomins?

When I was at home my mom and I went to a new thrift store and for once, it didn't smell musty and gross. They had an entire wall of mason jars! You better believe I'll be stockpiling those babies when I start planning the (hypothetical future) wedding. 
Atlas Mason Jar (similar here)

The final bow purchase...royal blue and lovely. The J. Crew Swoon Skirt


  1. LOVE the bow shoes. I'm quite addicted to things with bows myself (and anything girly, really).

  2. Thanks! Bows are the best. :)


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