Night Music.

B and I went on our usual walk this evening. The weather was beautiful...especially the fog of gnats that surrounded us at all times.


Not really.

But what was beautiful was the wide variety of people we encountered. My personal favorite was an elderly gentlemen listening to headphones and rollerskating/dancing along with it. He had more moves and more groove than I could ever hope for. And he was definitely more graceful. I would have face planted into the cement almost immediately.

We walked to a nearby lake that has music every night during the summer months. This evening was an accordion orchestra (yes you read that correctly- an accordion orchestra) that played a mix of french and latin music. There's also an ahhhhmzing little food stand --Bread & Pickle-- that serves all locally and sustainably grown food. I had the most delicious turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and herbed mayo. We ate next to the lake and watched the sailboats. I squealed about a tiny child wearing overalls and an impossibly small dog.

It was a beautiful Wednesday. 


  1. stopping by from the coffee hop today and must say...i am totally jealous that you can walk to the water like jealous. My dreams, I have a cottage on a lake or ocean...if only! Have a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! Love the pictures... Found you via Coffee Talk, have a great weekend :D


  3. Ahhh, so beautiful. Now I am hungry for that sandwich. Sounds divine!

    Following you from FTLOB Coffee Talk!



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