did you know?

Did you know that this is my favorite tea? Have you had it? It is the most wonderful combination of mint and licorice. I am not generally a licorice fan (at all), but it adds just enough sweetness that you don't need to add sugar or honey.

Did you know that I am obsessed, let me repeat, obsessed with dishes? Extremely girly dishes in particular. Especially dishes with bows, dishes that are pink, and dishes with scallops or monograms.

...basically anything from Anthropologie. Especially these:

Piecrust Dinnerware from Anthropologie

For once, B and I have very little planned for the weekend. No rainy music festivals, no trips to the cabin, no trips to the homestead. You can imagine my excitement about being able to watch the Criminal Minds marathon on A&E. Did you know I love Criminal Minds?

Tomorrow I'm hoping the weather cooperates so we can go to the big farmer's market in town. Yum.

What are your weekend plans?


  1. Sorry for all the comments, but I'm loving your blog...and these dishes! Anthropologie has had a similar style (grey with scallop/lacy edge) of these dishes for a few years now and I am in love. If I hadn't just gotten married and received an entire set of dishware, I'd max out my credit card to buy a full set of these. :)


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