Argh. I have been a slacker of a blogger. A not turning in homework, sleeping in class, SparkNote reading blogger.

The weather has been blah, I have been blah, and whatever I try to type up for a blog entry seems blah.


I have made it my goal to turn those blahs into hoo-rahs. (See? Look at that wit. I'm back at it already.)

Do any of you watch House Hunters? I have an extreme love-hate relationship with that show. I love looking at the inside of houses because I am secretly a snoop. Byt I hate that the people are always so dumb. Either they have absolutely no taste, or they are completely fixated on where their big screen TV will fit.

While at the homestead for Father's Day, I managed to sneak a picture of one of my all time favorite houses. I've been crushing on it since I was little.


Those shutters, that red door, the front porch. All it needs are some new shrubs (and maybe a new roof). What house have you been crushing on lately?


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