Weekend Coffee Talk

Oh, weekends. I always forget how much I miss you during the week. And then I wake up on a Saturday morning and realize how wonderful it is to sleep in and be lazy and read the news in bed.

So far, Saturday has been just lovely. B is on campus studying (it's finals!) so I headed to the big mall to look for a new yoga mat and towel. I've decided to start going to yoga on a regular basis, so I thought having some bright and chipper new gear would keep me motivated.  The mall was, as usual, crazy crowded with unruly children, teenagers, and adults. I thought I was going to get trampled in H&M by a throng of tweens scrambling for some neon miniskirts.

On my way home, I stopped at Starbucks for the always delicious Skinny Mocha. Yummm. Then, I attempted to remove the pink glitter polish (remember that?) from my toenails... For future reference, the glitter polish is impossible to remove. Ugh. So now my toenails are half glittered and half glittery residue.


I decided to call it quits for now while I do laundry, watch TrueLife and blog. Oh, and also try to keep my new orchid alive. Fingers crossed.

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend too!

I'm participating in the new Coffee Talk blog hops over at For The Love Of Blogs, so I highly recommend you head on over and meet some new blog friends!


  1. What a cute blog - so neat and colorful! Love the photos - you have such an eye with the camera!


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