Heat Wave.

image courtesy of: Oscar D.

81 degrees. Perfect for lounging by the pool, sipping a mango diaquri,  and reading the latest U.S. Weekly or OK! (Have you seen Bristol Palin recently? And is Katie Holmes really pregnant? And what is up with all the girls on 16 and Pregnant?? These are the great issues of our times my friends)

However, when it is 81 degrees in your cubicle? When you can't sip a fruity drink or leaf through gossip mags? When you instead have to drip sweat on your keyboard and stick to your chair?

Decidedly unpleasant.

So while I was roasting in my cube and trying to muster up the energy to move, I did some thinking. What is the perfect summer office outfit? My office is casual (read: people sometimes wear yogapants and logo emblazoned t-shirts) yet conservative. And while it's nice to wear jeans in the winter, they're not the most comfortable for summer. Any suggestions?

Clockwise L-R: Striped Sheath Skirt from Zara, Eyes of Mars Sandal from ModCloth, Vintage Tabletop Electric Fan from Reclaimer, Sunrise Shirt Dress from Anthropologie, Cotton Voile Marina Skirt from J.Crew , Vichyssoise Skirt from Anthropologie,  Petite Tuxedo Ruffle Tee from Banana Republic and Eliza J Bow Detail Cotton Dress from Nordstrom


  1. dresses for sure:) If you feel more businessy one day then you can wear it with a bolero and wedges or flats, and if you feel like just being casual (I took note of the yoga pants...) then you can probably get away with a comfy sundress and sandals. Sundresses are sooo light and comfortable, not to mention a one-stop fashion win, you don't have to figure out what goes with it because its a complete outfit in one peice. Score!


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