Etsy Finds for Mother's Day

Well readers, I've finished my spring cleaning. And by finished, I mean I actually cleaned. The thing is, I don't mind cleaning, it's just that I have so many things that I'd rather be doing. Like painting my nails.  Or taking a nap. Or watching reruns or the Royal Wedding. Somehow, I managed to clean the bathroom, (somewhat) organize the bedroom, and B swiffed (swiffered? used a swiffer?) the floors. Oh, and I also put things in a pile to donate to the Salvation Army.

I feel so accomplished.

Mother's Day is coming up fast! I decided to do one of my favorite not-cleaning activities--browse Etsy--and share with you some of my favorite gifts for your favorite person.

Clockwise from upper left: Faceted Gold Ring by delezhen, Kimono Robe by Plum Pretty Sugar, Vintage Garden Terrarium by The Old Red Hen, Birds Nest Necklace by Pixie Dust,  Custom Silhouette Pillow by Le Papier Studio, Thanks Mom by kathrynwhyte and Custom Floral Initial Mug by Ceramics for Everyone

***Spring Cleaning Update***
I regret to inform you that I have failed at my most recent attempts to clean.  Not only did I manage to overflow the washer, but I also managed to almost melt our shower curtain. I will never be a suzy homemaker. 


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