Springrolls with a Side of Rain.

courtesy of: paperpatternsilk

We went out to dinner at our favorite Thai place tonight.  Everything was going well. I had ordered my favorite fresh springrolls and a glass of Summit Seasonal. Delish. Just what I needed after a long work week.

Just as I was about to bite into the first springroll, I felt a splash. At first I thought that someone had squirted lemon juice at me....I eyed the surrounding tables suspiciously. But there were no lemons to be found. I wrote it off as a fluke. I figured that since I'm pretty klutzy, maybe I had accidentally sprayed myself with beer...or something.

Soon the drops were hitting my arm, head, and shoulders at a regular rate. There was no way that this was the fault of lemons. I looked down at my plate and saw my spring rolls sitting in a puddle of water. I looked up at the ceiling and was promptly hit in the eye with a drip.

After I convinced my friends that it was, in fact, raining inside the restaurant, and that my food was, in fact, considerably damper than earlier, we flagged down a waitress and changed tables.

The dinner resumed, slightly wetter than before, but nonetheless delicious.


  1. Anne, I am LOVING your blog! I actually gasped when I read this. Sick... but also hilarious because of your dry wit. I love finding fellow bloggers who write with such grace. On top of that, the design is fabulous!

  2. Hello! I'm visiting from our Blog Group. Sounds like you had a memorable dinner. :) Looking forward to getting to know you.


  3. he he how funny! I love your posts and your writing style! Thanks for the follow ;-) thought i'd return the love..

  4. Hey sweets! I changed the domain name of my blog. All my current readers have to un~follow, then re~follow me. If you have a minute I would love if you re~followed me so we can stay in tune =)
    Angel @ www.thislifeissweet.com


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