Spring Cleaning.

Every so often I get an itch to clean. To organize. To rid myself of those shoes that I've never worn but had  to have. The same shoes that are now sitting under an inch of dust. You know the ones.

I got the bug today at work after I came across the wonderful blog iHeart Organizing.  The author, Jen, is adorable and has the most beautifully organized (and just plain beautiful) home. I would love to live in a space where everything had its perfect place. Also-- check out that closet converted into a desk. Adorable!

Images both courtesy of iHeart Organizing

Do any of you have any great tips for getting (and staying) organized? I'd especially love to know how you all control paper clutter and wrangle shoes. 


  1. Things I LOVE when it comes to organizing (and yes, I do in fact LOVE organizing), is cute old school containers like vintage hat boxes, cloth covered boxes and the like. When it comes to my closet, I think you'd be surprised by the power of a good hanger. I swear by Real Simple ultra slim hangers from Bed Bath & Beyond. Amazing. I re-did my whole closet in them and it was so worth it.

    Best of luck! Hope some of that helps :)

    That Girl in Pearls

  2. Hey love! Just found your blog via FTLOB :) The name of your blog caught my eye, because I'm such a fan of the moomins! (They're the cutest!) You've got such a pretty place here! xox mervi

    ps. Thanks for sharing the link to Jen's blog. Must pop over for a visit now :)

  3. What a beautiful home! Thanks for sharing! Your blog is seriously cute - so clean and neat! I can't wait to read more :D


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