Much Love Monday.

Today the weather was so nice (or at least was telling me it was). I was stuck in the office all day with no window in sight. I kept peering over my cube wall to try and steal a glance of the outside world, but all I could see were other buildings.

B and I went for a walk around our neighborhood lake this evening. It was a bit windy, but the ice cover was finally (almost) gone. Soon the sailboats, parasails and canoes will be out and then it will really feel like summer.  In my opinion, the best part of walking by the lake is watching people with their dogs. Large owners with tiny dogs, tiny owners with big dogs, shaggy owners and shaggy dogs, high strung owners...well you get the point.

We took a different street home and came across three little hearts drawn into the concrete. I heart hearts.

Head on over to Much Love and join up for much love mondays. Hope to see you all there!


  1. My favourite thing to do on a nice sunny day is to go to the park and watch the yachts and sailboats in Sydney Harbour and watch all the goofy dogs running around and trying to jump the stone fence to get into the water :)
    Every now and then I'm very lucky and I'll hear/see a penguin in the Harbour, too. Nothing better than a sunny day in the park :)

    Lee x


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