The Easter Bunny and I.

Several days before Easter, my mother called me with a question. A most important question. A serious question.


Did I want the Easter bunny to come to the house?

The E.B. and I have a close relationship. One year, he wrote me a note on lacy paper. And hid those wonderful, shiny, foil covered chocolate eggs all over the house. Now, I didn't necessarily get to eat said foil covered chocolates. My dog got to them first. But nevertheless, we are close.

So, on Easter, I woke up to one of those wicker baskets filled with neon covered plastic grass. And a chocolate bunny! And starburst jelly beans! And those wonderful candy-coated cadbury mini eggs. Hallelujah indeed.

Courtesy of: racketrx


  1. What a beautiful picture! So cute that you got a basket - I wish my family still did that for me! And, starburst jellybeans are my fave :D


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