Thoughts on a Tuesday.

Sometimes, I over think things. Just now, while I was streaming Amazing Race on my laptop, I spent a long time trying to decide what to write about. As in half of one leg of the race, or about how long it takes the team you feel really bad for to finish a challenge. Or to stop arguing.

And then finally, it came to me. I was absolutely perplexed about how the girls on Amazing Race find the energy to put themselves together in the morning. Some of them have full on hair and makeup for each segment. Astounding! Especially since many mornings I can't muster the energy to put on more than mascara....and you don't even want to know how infrequently I do my hair. It's embarrassing, really.

So, dear readers, if you had to pick four beauty items (including hair products, make-up and styling tools) to bring with you on a race around the world, what would you choose?

Images courtesy of: nessamarie,  midwestgrrl J-Ezzy, and hanamary

I would pick (in order of significance):

  1. Hair binders/ties/twisties. Call them whatever you like, but I am never without one on my wrist.
  2. Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara. My precious.
  3. Burts Bees lip balm.
  4. Benetint. Though a word to the wise, the original container has a cap that has broken on me every. single. time. Resulting in a magenta stained makeup bag.
Notice that I did not choose any hair products. This is because if I don't bother to do my hair now, I am under no circumstances going to do my hair while running around like a buffoon. Besides, I'm getting somewhat attached to my messy mane of hair. In addition, I realize those shoes are incredibly impractical, but I am a sucker for bows. Especially on shoes.


  1. Great beauty item picks :) I use to use lash blast... maybe I should go back!


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