On Rainy Days.

It's raining today. And cold. But it was refreshing to see green outside my window instead of white. I took the opportunity to wear my galoshes on the way to work (and maybe at work too....shhhhh) and to stomp through puddles in the parking lot. There is something oddly satisfying about being able to wade through inches of water without getting your toes wet.

I've been feeling out of sorts since I got back from Costa Rica. I'm blaming it on the sudden change in the weather. With the rain comes dampness and mold. And with that comes allergies. Ugh.

I came home early from work today to a surprise from B--an early birthday present. We discussed whether there was a protocol for the giving of early birthday gifts. How early is acceptable? Two days? Three? Screw protocol. I made my case for opening the present right. this. very. minute.

Image courtesy of: mcbridejc

A Kindle! I am giddy. While I originally purchased an iPad for reading, I couldn't help but wish I had bought a Kindle instead. So tiny and light! And perfect to stow away in my purse in case I find myself with some spare moments to read. My first purchase was The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I fully intend on spending the afternoon drinking tea, reading a good book and watching the rain drip down the windows.

B is the best. :)


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