Lazy Saturday.

Today B and I went to Ikea in search of a rug for our living room.  But here's the thing about Ikea- you never come out with what you went in for. Instead, we came out with a little striped tray and stainless steel espresso cups.

To be honest, I won't be artfully displaying gold bangles on the little tray. Instead, it will sit by the sink and hold dish soap...but even being utilitarian it will look pretty.

Rug shopping is difficult. You find one you like and it ends up being too small, too thin, the wrong color, the wrong texture, and most frequently, too expensive. I have been on a quest readers. A quest to find the perfect rug under 250 dollars. If you have any suggestions,  please please  let me know in the comments. Here are the parameters: 5x8, low pile (but not too low), and some type of pattern or texture. Oh, and B requests no flowers.


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