Have you heard the buzz?

Being a newbie blogger, I've definitely had to work (read: stumble) through the ins and outs of designing a blog. The web is full of great resources, but a lot of them aren't written with the html novice in mind. Enter... The Blog Guidebook.

The Bee is full of tips and tricks for getting your blog up and running. Their tutorials are easy to follow and produce chic, professional results . The first tutorial I tried was the sidebar button and I was surprised at how easy it was. Plus, in my (maybe biased) opinion, my button looks great!

Interested in blogs on weddings? Or how about a blog on creating a tablescape? Flea markets? City Life? The Bee has it all in the blog listings.

I highly recommend The Blog Guidebook for bloggers new and old. Check out their button in my sidebar and happy blogging!


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