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So I have been running again for the season. For serious this time. I say again because I took the winter off for obvious reasons (the winter). I'd also been traveling a lot for work so it was difficult to find time to do basic household tasks, let alone run.

I want to do several races in the fall and I have almost exactly 13 weeks until this year's first 13.1. This means adding one mile to my long run each week, despite the hot and humid weather. Yesterday I ran 4.0 in the evening because of the excessive heat warning. I started with low expectations and was pleased that I ran a slow and steady 11:00 pace.

Today? I should have set my expectations lower. Calves were sore. Sides were stitching. I took two walk breaks. And to top it off I got a parking ticket. You're welcome for fixing that next pot hole, Minneapolis park district.


I started running again these past few weeks. While the weather has not been entirely cooperative (and neither have my muscles) it's always nice to be outside and moving and listening and watching. Especially the watching part considering last year's run in with the sidewalk. Spoiler: the sidewalk won.

Last Monday I ran one mile. On Saturday I ran one mile and then another mile later on. It was during this second mile that I started regretting the whole going for a run decision. I could not fathom how, six months prior, I ran 13 consecutive miles without stopping. It was absolutely impossible in light of the current pain in my legs and difficulty breathing.

Now, were this an inspirational sort of blog, I would say something about how the first step is the hardest and how all you have to do is start. In terms of running, that is an absolute lie.  Even when I could run 13 consecutive miles I still thought I was making a terrible decision.  The best part of running is always the last step.

It's that last step that means you can take your shoes off and relax. And then think about how impossible it is that you could even run one mile.

a modern mutt.

Neither B nor I had been around a puppy in a long time, and we were somewhat overwhelmed with all the options for puppy gear...and somewhat underwhelmed with the appearance of said puppy gear. It seems like dog stuff falls into the same trap kid stuff does--lots of brightly colored plastic and  cartoon shapes. 

Because we have a small space with no dedicated, out of the way area for Luna, we want to start choosing things that won't make our home look like it's been overtaken by a four legged troublemaker, even if it has. 

1. Paige Denim Rose Bone Dog Toy - Mungo & Maud
2. Buffalo Pillow Bed - Waggo
3. Penguin Dog Toy - Harry Barker
4. Enamel Pet Bowl - Olive Green Dog
5. Moon Cycle Dog Collar (perfect for a pup named Luna!) - Grew Paw Design
6. Chalkboard Dog Treat Jar - Waggo

Luna is currently crated overnight and while we're out of the house, but eventually we hope she can have free reign of the condo. Once that happens, I want to replace her eyesore of a crate with something like this:

Who says dogs can't have an eye for design, too?

meet luna.

So we got a puppy. We had been talking about adopting a dog for some time and I had been obsessively browsing rescue websites for even longer, but we always decided to wait until after our honeymoon to look seriously. After returning from our initially misfortunate honeymoon (more on that in another post) I took up my search in earnest. Less than a week later we were picking up this little lady on a cold snowy night. 

She's been a surprisingly mellow pup, especially considering she was the most boisterous one in a room full of boisterous puppies. And while she hasn't eaten any shoes, she immediately took to carrying around one of my smelly gym socks. Who needs toys when you have a stray sock from spin class?

We named her Luna. Only partially after the Harry Potter character.

Shop the Set: Scandal (Part I)

One of the most popular posts on Oh My Moomin is the series on the set design from Parenthood. Since then I've moved on to binging on a different, but no less dramatic, television program. Scandal. Yes, I know I'm late to the game- so no spoilers!

First up is Olivia Pope's bedroom.


Clockwise from upper left: duvet from pottery barn, mercury glass lamp from pottery barn, purple tufted headbard from ballard, wingback chair from pottery barn, ikat pillow from west elm, and lattice rug from ballard

Cool tones are used throughout Olivia's apartment, especially greys and muted purples. The wingback chair is, of course, a nod to the classical architecture and design that is found throughout DC. I'm envious of her wall of mirrored closets-- if only those were for sale!
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